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[Top 5 Reasons] Why NTA CUET Exam is Important for Class 12th Students

Why NTA CUET Exam is Important for Class 12th Students

Why NTA CUET Exam is Important for Class 12th Students: Since the last few years, it has been observed that the cut-offs for acquiring admission to well-recognized central institutions are exceedingly high. Many students are unable to gain admission to prestigious colleges, like Delhi University, due to high cut-offs. According to research, the CBSE, ICSE, and WEST BENGAL Board all use various evaluation patterns.

As a result, because some students have inferior grades, they do not have equitable access to these universities. To address this issue, it has been determined to hold a common entrance examination known as the Common University Entrance Test (CUET) Exam. After the CUET Results are released, the National Testing Agency will compile a common merit list, and students will be admitted on that basis.

Even though the CUET syllabus is similar to the class 12th syllabus, students are advised to start their CUET preparation from class 12th and wait for the release of the CUET Admit card to start their preparation.

The CUET Exam is an entrance exam used to assess candidates’ abilities to get admission to 45 of India’s prestigious Central Universities. The National Testing Agency conducts the CUET Exam once a year.

On that note, let’s discuss some points that highlight the importance of the CUET Exam in enhancing the career growth of students.

Why NTA CUET Exam is Important: Point 1

Fair and equal chances for all students- Students in the modern period hope to gain admission to prestigious colleges to pursue their selected disciplines. However, only a small percentage of students who apply to their desired institutions are accepted. Students do not have an equal opportunity to choose their favourite university and degree program because of low marks in the Class 12 examinations. They become demotivated as a result of the emphasis placed on Class 12 board examination results.

Why NTA CUET Exam is ImportantPoint 2

Subjective bias can be reduced with the CUET Examination- A candidate who received low grades in several courses in class 12 such as Physics and Chemistry but still wishes to study Physics or Chemistry honours finds various challenges in gaining admission to reputable universities. So far, the Class 12 results have been the sole criterion for admission. Students with low marks have been denied entry to specific degree programs. As a result, CUET Exams will be implemented in 2022 to combat subjective bias.

Why NTA CUET Exam is Important: Point 3

The CUET entrance exam gives Class 12 students a second chance to distinguish themselves by qualifying for the exam. If the student has the requisite potential, he or she can take the exam and get better marks. This will allow students to pursue higher degree courses of their choice even if they received lesser marks in the board exam.

Why NTA CUET Exam is Important: Point 4

Clarity on the students’ ranks and positions- Previous years’ exams did not reveal the students’ ranks. Because admittance to undergraduate courses was based on class 12 board exam resultsmajor central universities such as Delhi University and Jawaharlal Nehru University did not publish student rankings. As a result, pupils were unsure of their ranks, causing confusion and pandemonium. Because they didn’t know their exact rank from earlier, the students regularly transferred from one college to another.

Why NTA CUET Exam is Important: Point 5

The cut-off battle is finally over- The cut-off marks for admission to prestigious universities are quite high, making students worried. The marking procedure for CBSE pupils and ICSE students is different, hence their cut-offs are also varied. Meeting the cut-off marks can be challenging at times, resulting in their applications being denied. However, by 2022, the CUET Exam score will have successfully replaced the cut-off criteria.

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